Monday, April 23, 2012

This Is Who We Are

You ask me who we are?

This is who we are.

We walk among you day and night

We pass often unseen, undetected, but our influence is there, in fact

We teach and educate you

We grow your food, cook it and serve it

We protect you and watch over your security

We dress you with the latest fashion and accessories

We design your homes and offices and make your living spaces warm and welcoming

We heal you and catch you when you feel down injured and helpless

We amuse, enchant and  mesmerize you art so timeless and powerful its shatters boundaries and prejudices

We tuck you in at night, kiss you on the forehead and pray that you grow to the most brilliant person ever

and We are much more.

We are like you. Good and bad, innocent and guilty, fun and boring, honest and deceitful, thoughtful and inconsiderate, calm and angry, knowledgeable and ignorant. Do I need to add more? Are we that different?

If it makes you more comfortable, label us. Yes, we are a label: homosexuals. Another label cannot hurt.

Labels are often skin deep. Don't stop there, ask for more, there is a lot more than meet the eyes. Don't be lazy, do your work, and get to know us more. Discover us, maybe you will like us. Maybe your unjustified fears will fade, and maybe as you discover us, you will discover yourself and the human essence we all share.

You ask me who are?

We are the gays of this world, we are here to stay and we love You.

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