Monday, April 30, 2012

Restroom Humor

It's not that often one gets to read or write about restrooms.

Restrooms are designed with specific goals in mind which they generally serve without much fanfare. Being low profile parts of homes and institutions, we try  sometimes to give them some much needed love so they don't feel left out!

But instead of fancy tiles, all sort of scented gadgets and warm lighting  why not spice up your restroom with some humor?

This is exactly what I encountered this weekend in Obros pub in Clemenceau (Hamra area). Basically their restrooms are decorated with crossword puzzles. The concept is interesting and draws your attention as you try to guess the words that are still blank. One of the answers was really surprising and funny, but don't take my word for it, look at the picture.

The puzzle is in french, so here's a quick English translation: inacceptable stands for  unacceptable.  So what was the answer for unacceptable according to our mystery crossword puzzle man/woman? Saad el Harriri who is a key political figure in the March 14th movement. Now this might not be funny to many Lebanese who support Saad el Harriri, but in this political climate of unwarranted tensions, I found it to be sarcastic and funny. Maybe it's just me, who knows.

For now, Obros Pub holds the award as the funniest restroom (until proven contrary) of the prestigious, and self-made BB award (Beirut Bloggers, not that BB!).
As for the elusive title of the cleanest restroom, well I might need your help on this one.


  1. even with the spelling mistake, its still as funny ... inacceptable ... loooooooool