Tuesday, March 13, 2012

He calls, he calls me not

I hate waiting, I really do. But in the matters of the heart, a little patience helps, a lot however is counter-productive.

I suppose we all have been in these situations before, I know I did. If you haven't, you're lucky then! So you meet a guy  (or a girl depending on whatever tickles your fancy) for a casual date , and there is something going on, there's some kind of chemistry. The meeting goes on smoothly, you talk about everything, the conversation just flows and seems natural. You forget all the questions and topics you prepared in advance to avoid those dreaded moments of awkward silence, you don't need them, the connection is happening and it is far more interesting than any hurricane, sandstorm or other weather related topics you can think of. The meeting ends, just as smoothly as it started with a warm handshake, a smile, a deep look in the eyes, and the promise to meet again.

I go back home dreaming of a future together and then talk myself out of these dreams, then dream again...and the cycle continues! It's my nature, a part of me is very emotional, dreamy, and lives in the world of senses, the other is more realistic and reasonable. I wasn't realistic before, but I trained myself to become one. Life disappointments teach you a thing or two.

Enter the waiting game: so you think you and this guy click, what's next? Should you call? Should you text? Do you want to show you're interested? Do you think that it is he who should make the first move and ask for a second date?
As I got older and wiser (ah the perks of aging) I realized that you should tame your emotions and fight the urge to call and text, give him space. So my ingenious plan (I'm so smart, I know!!) is to avoid call the day after our meeting but follow up with a text message two or three days later asking for a second date.

Another round of waiting begins. Will he reply to your message or not? Sadly many times they don't, they don't want to see you again so they take the easy, and rude way, of not even replying. Some reply, and decline your offer, but indirectly. Quite often, Mr. Date will come up with crazy stories like how his beloved cat was hospitalized with a severe case of feline diarrhea (ouch, losing to a cat, that hurts like a biatchhh), or that he broke his nail making him incapable of operating a vehicle safely, and let's face it you can't argue with safety, can you? Eventually, you get the message and move on.

Sometimes the heavens are in a good mood, cupid is happily shooting his arrows left and right, and you're lucky enough that one of his arrows landed in your Mr Date's heart. Yesss I would love to see you again...,  you can feel the enthusiasm in his reply.
And so you meet again, it feels just as good as the first time. Everything falls in place, love is in the air. Life is good, life is worth living for a while.

Life is stingy with its happy moments, but when it does, boy it can be overwhelming!

Enjoy it while it lasts, the best things in life are ephemeral.

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