Monday, July 2, 2012

The Little Forgotten Flower

Lonely flower by the rock. You've lived your life, all by yourself.

You blossom with the first rays of light, beautiful, bright, elegant, and glorious. But nobody cares, it’s okay. You do not mind. Attention you do not seek.

You've watched them come and go, heard their stories, their secrets, their desires and their evil plans. 
You were delighted when you've seen them in love , and you've trembled at the sight of their dark side.

You watched their every step, they never took notice, but it’s okay. Alone they left you, and this is what you wanted. No words to distract you, just the gentle wind breeze to keep you company.

Lonely flower, a happy life you live. The rock is your home and shelter. A little rain and a morning dew is all that you need. The sounds of birds and the gentle breeze are your eternal friends. You flourish, the place is yours.

But, they came and they disagree. The lands is theirs, they claim. They use it the way they want to. Your beauty means nothing to them. You’re tiny, dispensable, and of no value to them.

They took your rock, your home, your shelter. Your cries for help were never heard, your voice is too little. Silence reigned.

The sun shined bright. Its scorching heat was too much for your frail body. Your rock couldn't protect you from the blazing rays.

You wilted slowly, but steadily, until finally, you kissed the soil that once fed and honored you. 

You withered into oblivion. You are no longer, your home is no longer.

All that remains is your dry skeleton and the deafening silence.

But, they don’t care!


  1. Very interesting...This is also the case of Mother Nature as a whole..people are no longer giving value to nature messing up everything around, driven by their greed and controlled by their EGO! But one day, this poor flower would revolt back and all this corruption would reflect back to people's life!

    1. People seem to care only when money is involved. There are some things that and should not be valued because of how valuable they are to us.
      I cannot determine that a plant is worth saving because it might provide a cure for cancer or whatever disease. Suppose it doesn't provide a cure for anything? Should we deny it its right to exist? This applies to plants, animals, humans...I used the plant here as a metaphor for a bigger issue.
      I hope this day of revolt will come soon!