Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gay weddings from the USA and Middle East Perspective

The Gay community (or the lack of it) in Lebanon is still fighting to abolish articles in the law that are used against us. In other Arab countries, the situation is even more complicated.

Countries around the world vary in their tolerance for gays and their causes. Many Western European countries made it perfectly normal and legal for gay couples to get married since many years now.
In the USA, however, gay marriage is pretty much illegal in most states and it is illegal on a federal level.  An article in Equallywed magazine discussed this issue between two editors who offered their views on gay couples getting married in the USA and in the Middle East.
It is an interesting article that raises important issues. The situation of gays is certainly better in the USA, but it is not all rosy as it is painted in the article. I do admit that the gap between the West and the Arab World concerning gays rights is huge, and I wish one day Arab gays will walk tall and proud and celebrate their weddings openly and freely. But for now, we have to tolerate the slightly condescending sympathy  (I know you mean well) of our Western counterparts!

Oh well, here's the link to the article, enjoy. 

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