Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Big empty room

The big empty room

Being gay and single is fun to lots of Beirut's homos. For them it's part of what makes gay life fun, in other words random hook ups, quick no string attached fun. Since when did fun become synonymous with sex? Can someone please explain? Is it because people are becoming ever so busy doing God knows why that they just don't have time to invest in something more stable? Or is it because people are becoming more selfish, self-involved that they are not willing to compromise on anything? Perhaps, it's society in general, conditioning us to want things done fast, consumed fast, finished off fast. In such scenarios, your hope of finding the right man for you will be pretty slim.
I dream that someday I will share a house with my partner, and that he will surprise me while I am shaking it to the sound of my favorite tunes with a tender kiss on my neck.
How nice would it be to spend the night in the arms of your guy? I cannot think of anything nicer (well, there are a few things, but it's not an erotic blog, so move on!).
But for now, I have to warm my own bed, to hug my own pillow, to endure these lonely nights all by myself in this big empty room!

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