Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gay Escorts on the Rise in Beirut

Gays like any other group of society, and perhaps even more, like to promote themselves. At their disposal are the multitude of gay oriented dating sites and even regular social networks such as Facebook. However, the most popular gay website among the Lebanese gay community is Manjam, although it is having a difficult time facing the deluge of gay social apps for smartphones (I will write a post about them soon).

Manjam and similar sites are like giant blenders, anything and everything is there. Since you can remain pretty much anonymous, lots of profile reveal a disturbing aspect of gay life: the relentless quest for the quick sex fix. These sites are like a  market, where you sell yourself through pics that capture you in the best possible angle  sprinkled with a few words that describe you and what you want (which almost no one reads, it's all about the six packs baby, yeah!!!).

While all of us do sell ourselves to get more exposure, some do sell themselves, literary; these are the self-proclaimed escorts. Escort is a fancy (or soft word) for prostitution. They do not work for any agency but mostly on their own. What is striking is the sheer explosion of the number of escorts in the country. Check out any gay dating sites and you will have lots and lots of profile that promote their services in your face while others do it in more subtle ways.

Am I bothered by this phenomenon? In a way yes. I think it's upsetting that some guys think that just because they have a muscled body or a big tool that they are entitled to sell themselves. I cannot claim to understand what goes into their mind when they decided to prostitute themselves. Is it really a desperate measure to earn some cash? Is it out of greed and the need to live an opulent lifestyle? Can't they work in something else? Many questions that I cannot answer. One thing is sure, the lure of money is too strong to resist for many.

I did a small test, I logged into Manjam, and within a minute I was able to hunt down a few escorts. Some are even detailing the pricing strategy, talk about being upfront! Anyway, check out the pics below.

What does it mean for the gay community as a whole? Is it a natural development of Lebanese gays being more open about their sexuality? Is it hurting our image? Maybe. In a way it reinforces the notion that gays are all about sex.

But then again, prostitution is definitely not confined to gays. It is one of the oldest occupation in history and getting rid of it proved to be counter-productive.

I am not judging escorts, or prostitutes but selling yourself for whatever reason isn't my cup of tea. I would rather have less but gain my whole being and be in control of it and not under the whims of horny customers. Maybe it's just me.


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